Al Latifia Central Fabrication Department is continuously thinking of new and improved ways to satisfy our MEP construction needs. Prefabrication is just another way we strive to exceed customer expectations and to lower your bottom line.

As part of the Al Latifia trading &contracting Co, Central Fabrication Department (CFD) has been established and has gained an impressive track record working closely with clients in both the private and public sector. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being the single source for all of your mechanical construction, fabrication, and installation needs.. At the same time, no mechanical project is too large or small for Latifia CFD to handle.

Prefabrication Engineering Services provide intelligent solutions for design, procurement, pre-measured, fabrication, installation, commissioning and ongoing aftercare, for all aspects of mechanical and structural engineering services.

We use a controlled environment and our streamlined processes to produce a high-quality product in the most efficient manner possible. Prefabricated material is then delivered to our projects in “ready-to-install” condition. This practice minimizes waste and worksite storage of bulk raw materials. These “wrapped and tagged” materials install quickly and efficiently, improving on job schedules and meeting or beating even the toughest deadlines and also improved safety practices, increased quality control, and a reduced cost to everyone.

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